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Fine European Antique Furniture and Accessories,Antique Reproductions,Italian furniture, English furniture, French furniture.Crosskeys Antiques Reproduction Furniture is the finest available



Fine European Decorative Antiques





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European Antique Furniture and Reproduction Furniture

Fluted columns and arches. Pediments and acanthus leaves. Exotic veneers. Gilt and brass accents. Lion’s heads. Intricate hand-carved detail. Exquisite craftsmanship. Works of refinement and elegance.  Magnificent woods, embossed leathers, distinctive European finishes and wonderful ornamentation.

From the hospitality and elegance of the dining room to the personal ambiance of the den, to the beauty and comfort of upholstered pieces. Antique Furniture - Italian furniture, English furniture and French furniture. The lasting quality and the enduring styles,

European Antique furniture , Antique Reproductions and  Reproduction Furniture

Hand-chosen from Crosskeys Antiques.

Explore the beauty of our inventory.


Lighting and Accessories

Chandeliers. Lamps and sconces. Candlesticks.

Crystal, finely carved wood, iron, leather, stone, shell, porcelain, bronze or brass. Ambience and beauty.

Lighting sets the mood and compliments your furnishings, provides elegance and functionality.

When lighting up your room, choose the materials that speak to your decorative spirit.

Explore Crosskeys Antiques’ diverse array of lighting to enhance your every décor.

Every room has a spot that needs the perfect something. An object that not only fills a vacant space, but expresses your personality as well. The little details that add the finishing touch to a room.

From pedestals, jardinières and planters to birdcages, trunks and floor screens. Mirrors to reflect light and enhance the size of a room. Paintings that add character and color, beauty and elegance. Stunning sculptures and other decorative objects to enhance any space.

Explore Crosskeys Antiques


For over two decades, Crosskeys Antiques has offered the means of bringing character, charm and elegance to many homes with our privately selected European antique furniture, antique reproductions and accessories. Whether your décor is formal or informal, traditional or eclectic, begin here to see how Crosskeys Antiques  furniture stores can help you accessorize your home with elegance and style.

 We specialize in exquisite 17th through 20th century decorative European Antique furniture, Antique reproductions and accessories.  At Crosskeys Antiques, you will find fine English , French and Italian furniture, lighting, paintings and decorative accessories. We also carry a beautiful assortment of bronze, cast iron and marble garden accessories.

 With over 6,000 square feet of showroom floors,

our antique furniture showrooms dazzle most collectors.

 Crosskeys Antiques also carries superior lines of antique reproduction furniture English , French and Italian furniture, European reproduction lighting, paintings and accessories. Our selections of European antique furniture reproductions are simply the finest available.



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